A Guide for Maintaining A Newly Hydroseeded Lawn

Keep your newly hydroseeded lawn stunning and healthy by considering these important points: -

Tip 1: When the process of spraying is done, make sure that the mulch is always wet during the first two weeks in order to attain a proper and healthy growth. Sprinkle the seeded lawn with water two to three times daily for two weeks and then reduce the watering to one to two times a day for the next two weeks. Make sure puddles do not form on the ground. 

Tip 2: Try not to step on the freshly seeded area on the first two weeks after the hydromulching process. Touching any part of the hydroseeded lawn will lead to bald or thin spots. Also, watch out for your pets if you have one. Keep them from urinating on the area, for ammonia will stop germination. 

Tip 3: Keep in mind the climate in your place, also the type of soil and the kind of seeds you’re using so that you’ll be able to determine how much water you need and how many times you have to sprinkle the mulch. A hydroseeding company could be able to help and provide you with advise for any problem you have.  

Tip 4: When your grass begins to grow and is about three to four inches in length, you could start mowing the new lawn. For the first few mows, it’s advisable to cut only one third or or less of the grass length. And wait for around 3 months before applying any pesticides or herbicides to seeded lawn.If you have any more questions regarding hydroseeding, lawn care, and maintenance, simply contact Hydro Spray Grass - by clicking on the link given.